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How long do hair extensions last for?

Hair Extensions can be quite an investment. You would have to cough out thousands of pesos to get your own set. No worries though! Hair extensions is an investment worth making to dress up your hair in each milestone you celebrate through out your life.

So how long will your hair extensions last?

The great answer? IT DEPENDS. It depends on how often you will use yours, the amount of heat you apply to it, the chemical treatments that will be done and the general hair care and storage you will practice.

Clip on extensions can last up to 10 years, this comes from actual experience we have in Lynelle Hair. For twice a week usage and proper maintenance your hair extensions can actually last an average of 5 years. Now for heavy everyday users your clip on extensions can last upto 2 years and even longer with the proper care. A general rule is take care of your hair as well as how you would care for your own hair attached in your scalp. Remember that since its now detached from the scalp there is no natural source of moisture and drying is the number one cause of hair extension damage. Who would want hair that looks dry and dead right?

So make sure to manage the amount of heat applied on the extensions, use heat protectants, wash your extensions sparingly but wash them well after heavy usage of hair products. Store them untangled and completely dry and NEVER EVER dare to wash them in the washing machine.

For more tips on how to care for your hair extensions you may visit our tutorial in youtube page LynelleHairTV.

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