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human hair extensions dealership program, how to start a hair extensions business

Keira Hair Extensions is Lynelle Hair Fashion's own brand of clip-on hair extensions, also  known as "clip-in hair extensions." It is made of 100% real human hair. This means that Keira Hair Extensions can be cut, ironed, curled, and/or colored.


Keira Hair Extensions is one of the most loved hair extensions in the Philippines. It is available at the physical shops of Lynelle Hair Fashion located at Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

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Quality assured

Keira Hair Extensions are made from 100% genuine human hair. This ensures that our human hair products looks, feels, and behaves like our own hair. This also allows you to style and restyle the hair into a variety of hairstyles.



Human hair used in Lynelle Hair's clip on hair extensions are ethically sourced, so you can ensure that our products are obtained through responsible and sustainable methods.



Lynelle Hair Fashion is commited to deliver the best products and services. We always aim for a long-term positive relationship with our clients. Lynelle Hair  believes that your success will always be our success.

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Add Keira Hair Extensions to your business.


If you are a business owner, or plans to put up a business, here's a list why hair extensions is a good product to start with:


Hair does not easily go bad

Compared to other commodities like cosmetics, food, and other products, hair extensions does not easily go bad. It has a longer shelf life that can be for years if stored properly.


There are not a lot of competitors

Hair Extensions are not easy to imitate. You would have to get a reliable seller of wholesale hair extensions. That's why you have us as a trusted supplier! *wink*


Women love hair extensions

Hair extensions has a transformative power that women naturally fall in love with. It enhances the beauty that they already have. Plus hair extensions has already been around for some time, and most are already familiar with the clip ons, making them quite easy to promote and sell.


Dealership Program is Lynelle Hair Fashions' merchandising program designed to cater to people, businesses, and organizations who want to buy clip on hair extensions in bulk, wholesale for personal and retail use. Buying hair extensions in bulk lets you save more, allowing you to enjoy higher income through your increments in pricing.

Add a profitable product to your business.

Shop for Keira Hair Extension in bulk.


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