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Lynelle Hair

Greetings from Lynelle Hair!


Ever wondered about using hair extensions on your client so you have more hair to style with? Keira Hair Extensions by Lynelle Hair is a 100% human hair product that is available in different lengths and a wide variety of colors.


With that, we thought you’d love to know that we are inviting you to an exclusive “For Stylists Only” offer.


Become a Lynelle Hair Stylist by purchasing the following for only Php 12,333 (promo price):

-1 set of 16 inches hair extensions

-1 set of 22 inches hair extensions

-1 piece of 4-clip in 16 inches

-1 piece of 4-clip in 22 inches,


All succeeding purchases of “Keira Hair Extensions” from Lynelle Hair will have 15% discount.

Learn more about the hair extensions company founded by Jennifer Sevilla-Go.


Cheers to a more beautiful hair.

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