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Hair Maintenance Manual

Whether you fell in love with our human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, hair extensions, toupees, or other hair items, we know that these are your investments and we care about it as much as you do.

Proper usage, maintenance and care is important to help them last long and get the most out of your bucks. Here is our Hair Maintenance Manualto guide you on how to give love and take care of these babies.


1. In a basin of room-temperature water, dilute a mild shampoo. Although baby shampoos are mild too, these are NOT recommended due to its different composition. Use 1 part water in 1 part shampoo (1:1)

2. Immerse the hair item (wig/toupee/extension) unto the shampoo solution and lightly tap the hair to loosen the dirt, product build up, and sweat. 

3. Completely rinse it with running water.

4. In a basin of room-temperature water, dilute a mild hair conditioner. Use 1 part water in 2 parts hair conditioner (1:2)

5. Immerse the hair item (wig/toupee/extension) unto the shampoo solution and soak it for 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Completely rinse it with running water.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT apply shampoo or conditioner directly unto the hair, and NEVER attempt to wring or scrub the hair.


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1. After washing the hair item (wig/toupee/extension), LIGHTLY tap it with a cloth to remove excess water.

2. For wigs and toupees: Hang it on a wig stand to AIR DRY ONLY. You can flip/invert the hair when drying so that the inside part shows to help it dry faster.

For hair extensions: Hang it on with a hair extensions hanger or hanger with clips. Clip it on topmost part so as NOT to have dents or unwanted waves or curves when the hair has dried up.


IMPORTANT: Use of hot tools such as blower in drying can damage the hair. 


1. Wait for the hair item (wig/toupee/extension) to COMPLETELY dry before styling.

2. Apply heat protectant spray before styling with hot tools (iron, curler, etc).

3. Style as desired. Hair items are just as delicate as your own hair. Make sure that you control the temperature of the tools that you use.


IMPORTANT: All Human hair items can definitely be styled with hot tools. On the other hand, not all Synthetic products can be styled with hot tools. Always double check to avoid product damage.


1. Wash and rinse the hair item using the instructions above.

2. Instead of using a mild hair conditioner, use a product that DEEPLY conditions the hair such as Keratin.

3. Soak the hair item in deep conditioner for 30 minutes instead of the usual 3-5 minutes. Make sure NOT to soak it for too long to avoid damage to metal hooks, clips, pins or other parts of the item (if there is any).

4. Rinse with running water. Dry it using the instructions above.

We recommend washing (shampoo and conditioner) the hair item twice a week and DEEP conditioning once or twice a month. If the item, such as wigs, has a portion with a cloth, we recommend cleaning it using a brush with SOFT bristles and scrubbing it GENTLY. 

Too frequent washing, such as everyday can degrade the hair item faster. Unlike the hair on our scalp, these hair items no longer have natural oils and nutrients to help keep them healthy, shiny, and strong. 

We hope that we are able to share helpful insights. We are so glad that you chose to complete your beautiful journey with us. 


Lots of love,


Lynelle Hair Fashion

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