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Where do Keira Hair Extensions come from?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

With the rise of interest on hair extensions, people are picking up the trend, thereby increasing the demand for hair. Clip on hair extensions is very easy to fall in love with. Who wouldn't want to grow hair in an instant? With just a few clips on your hair, you can get the perfect length you love, without waiting for years.

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Where do hair extensions come from?

That in mind, we can't help but wonder, "Where do hair extensions come from?" More specifically, our customers ask "Where do Keira Hair Extensions come from?"

Hair used for Keira Hair Extensions come from Asia. These hair are grown by women who cut and sell their. With this in mind, we can assure you that these hair are grown and cared for the purpose of clip-on hair extensions. These kind of hair are certainly healthy, hygienic, and in great condition during the harvest.

There have been alarming news on unethical ways of obtaining raw human hair material done by other companies. Some of the news even tell the grossest information about their unfair practices "you might not want to know." This information has been shocking since human hair materials are used to create products that are designed to be placed on top of our heads, and sometimes come in contact with our skin.

It is important to purchase not only hair extensions, but also other human hair products only from your trusted shops. Not only it ensures cleanliness and quality of hair extensions, but also assures you of the responsible and sustainable practice of gathering raw hair material.


There is no doubt that human hair extensions is simply more preferred by many compared to synthetic ones. Human hair is simply longer lasting, breathable, versatile, and the list goes on.

Though there is rise in the demand of human hair for making human hair products such as wigs and hair extensions, Lynelle Hair Fashion believes that we will never give in to these inexcusable practices.

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