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What you need to know about Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

You might have heard about Micro-Ring Hair Extensions a lot, especially when you're researching the best kind of hair extensions for you. Read about its pros and cons, and everything about this kind of hair extensions that everyone loves.

What exactly is micro-ring?

Micro-ring is actually a technique for attaching hair extensions with your own. Hair are bundled into "sticks" which makes it easier to attach and count. We then use tiny metal rings called "micro-rings" to link the sticks of hair together with your real hair.

Why is it called Semi-Permanent?

The hair extensions can last for 1 to 3 years if you have it retouched every 2 months. It is called "semi-permanent" because it can last for a long time, and it is attached to your hair almost permanently - meaning you wash your hair with hair extensions and you sleep with them on. Some call them permanent hair extensions, but that's exactly the same thing as the semi-permanent.

We've rounded up a few pros and cons for using hair extensions to help you decide if this is the perfect type of hair extensions for you:



  • It's semi-permanent, stays attached for a long time

  • No need to remove and reattach every morning, you can sleep and do daily activities with it

  • Less to Zero hair damage compared with other hair extensions (must be professionally done)

  • Heat-friendly

  • Instant longer hair, volume, highlights or lowlights


  • It needs retouch every 2 months

  • May cause a little discomfort when sleeping

  • Not DIY and needs professional service for attachment and maintenance


Why do I need a retouch?

Without retouch, semi-permanent hair extensions can only last on your hair for about 2 months. That is because our real hair grows overtime, and the hair extensions attached will grow down with it. This can cause the hair extensions to slide down, loose its grip, and eventually loose few hair strands. You can go without a retouch, but again, this type of hair extensions can last for 2 months without a retouch.

Is it safe for iron?

Yes! Lynelle Hair's micro ring hair extensions is definitely safe for heat-styling such as curling and ironing. We use metal rings, unlike the waxes, tapes, and glues that others use which can melt when ironing your hair.


Lynelle Hair's micro-ring hair extensions is available in different lengths and colors to match your current hair, making them seamless and natural. You can visit our physical branches for a FREE consultation!

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