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Difference of Kanekalon versus Synthetic Hair Fibers

Getting a wig can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you learned that there are different types of synthetic hair fibers, aside from choosing between synthetic versus a human hair.

Synthetic hair are made of plastic fibers that are designed to look like human hair strands, used in hair pieces like wigs, hair extensions, and toupee. We've listed most common types of synthetic hair used at Lynelle Hair products:

1. Kanekalon

The most sought-after kind of synthetic hair extensions because of its realistic craftsmanship.

It has a very fine texture, mimicking a human hair. It can retain its shape, even after washing. Although synthetic, it looks like real hair and is soft to touch.

The fibers are made of "flame-retardant" materials - which means that it is resistant to catching fire. This makes a Kanekalon-made product restyleable with iron or curler using low heat, up to a maximum of 180 degress celcius. It is a durable type of synthetic hair and can last for quite a long time. It can last you for 3 months up to a maximum of 1 year, given that it is maintained and properly taken care of.

2. Regular Synthetic - Class A

Regular synthetic hair with Class A fibers would be your next big fave aside from Kanekalon. Its strands are still made with plastic fibers but looks matte or has a natural shine. It also has very fine texture making it soft to touch like our real hair.

However, its fibers are made with regular synthetic materials and is not heat-resistant. It cannot be restyled using iron or curler. Proceed with caution when you restyle them with wax, gel, or hairstyling products because they might damage the hair strands. Class A regular synthetic hair items are also used for natural wig wearers and may last for 1 to 6 months if well taken care of and properly maintained. Although the style is good for your everyday use, please take note that very frequent usage may shorten the hair's lifespan

3. Regular Synthetic - Class B


Regular synthetic with Class B fibers are pretty easy to spot. Although hair strand may be fine in texture and soft to touch, it has a striking shine that may look unnatural. Its fibers do not retain shape and are not heat-resistant. It is usually for one-time or a few times use only and not recommended for everyday wear due to its artificial look.


Price of Synthetic hair items depends on the type of synthetic fibers used. Other features such as length, style and color may also be included in the deciding factors for price. Most expensive would obviously be the Kanekalon since it has the highest quality and lasts the longest as compared with other types of synthetic fibers.

However, low quality fibers does not necessarily mean that they are bad. It depends on your purpose for purchasing a synthetic hair piece. If you need a long-lasting hair piece for everyday use, high-quality pieces are the way to go. Likewise, regular synthetic wigs are much more common for one-time use, still depending on your preference.

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