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Classic Hairstyles you can cop with Lynelle Hair

With the advent of fashion, hairstyle trends come and go with it. It will always be up to you if you wish to follow suit. However, there are classic hair styles as well that will always look good no matter the season.

1. Mermaid length hair

The forever crowd's fave hairstyle, long waist length hair. It's a basic, yet, a style that won't let you down. It looks good on almost everyone.

This kind of hairstyle is very flexible as it can be restyled with a number of ways. Wear it as a full hair down, or tie it as a half ponytail. You can even add highlights or low lights to add trendy colors to your hair.

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2. Bob cut with bangs

For those on edgier side, a classic hairstyle making a comeback as a hair trend. Bob cut frames the face and can cover the cheeks for a slimmer look.

Bangs can add a feminine touch to the edgy style. Wear your bangs in a full straight one, or sweep it to the side for a newer look

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3. Pixie cut

Sported by some, you can try getting a pixie cut for a fresh new look. This beautiful hairstyle can help you show or accentuate your jawline, due to its short length.

Known to be worn by most men, this style can also be worn by women. You can opt to have your pixie cut in a longer length for a more feminine look.

But fret not, there is no need to have your hair cut to get this style.

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4. Ponytail

One another hairstyle classic is ponytail. It's a sophisticated style you can wear in many ways.

Have your hair combed back for a sleek style, then clamp a ponytail hair piece to complete the look. Or tease your ponytail for a bit for a more scrunched, volumized look.

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These are only a few of the hair style classics that you can wear. And given that most Lynelle Hair items are restyleable, you can always recreate more, or even get to make your own stye.

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