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  • Cassie Hemsworth

5 ways to check if you have a genuine human hair product

We see people embrace the use of human hair products more often - wigs for our dear friends who has complications with their hair or those who simply want to change their hairstyle, ladies who wish to use hair extensions for longer hair, or hair topper for those who wish to add volume on their crowns.

Despite the fact of its worldwide use, we still get questions like: How do I know if I got a genuine human hair product?

1. Texture

Human hair, as we all know is made of cuticle or scales that can be observed using a microscope. Those cuticles are facing a single direction, just like how the scales of a fish do. Human hair strands must feel smooth when you rub it on one direction, then a bit rough when you rub the other way. The synthetic hair strands on the other hand feels smooth whichever way you rub it.