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5 ways to check if you have a genuine human hair product

We see people embrace the use of human hair products more often - wigs for our dear friends who has complications with their hair or those who simply want to change their hairstyle, ladies who wish to use hair extensions for longer hair, or hair topper for those who wish to add volume on their crowns.

Despite the fact of its worldwide use, we still get questions like: How do I know if I got a genuine human hair product?

1. Texture

Human hair, as we all know is made of cuticle or scales that can be observed using a microscope. Those cuticles are facing a single direction, just like how the scales of a fish do. Human hair strands must feel smooth when you rub it on one direction, then a bit rough when you rub the other way. The synthetic hair strands on the other hand feels smooth whichever way you rub it.

Human hair also feels softer than a synthetic ones, which are stiffer and has a plastic feel    

2. Shine

Real human hair has a bit of a natural shine, but without looking too oily. Synthetic hair strands on the other hand may be a bit too shiny or too matte, a thing that's hard to balance with synthetic hair. Plus, synthetic hair may look "too perfect" with a very smooth appearance, and having a smooth texture as stated with the first test.

3. Price

If you have a long hair that you have lovingly cared and maintained for a couple of months or years, would you be willing to sell it away for a cheap price? Some won't even agree to sell their hair at all. After all, it is our crowning glory. Human hair are pricier than a synthetic as they take a very long time and a huge amount of effort to grow and maintain in a very high quality.

4. Split Ends

Who said that something like split ends would be a totally bad sign? Well, technically, yes because that means it's time to get a haircut to trim away the damaged part of the hair. Aside from that, it also means that you got a 100% human hair because that's the natural occurrence with hair due to prolonged or normal usage. However, hair should normally start to break or get split ends after a few months or years of use, and not right after purchase or a few weeks of continued use.

As for the synthetic products, they don't get split ends or breakage but they do get frizzy (kinky curls) and stiffness after a few months of use.

Keep in mind the proper maintenance and care for our human hair products so they last long and help keep split ends at bay for a longer time. You may also check "HOW TO WASH WIGS" by Lynelle Hair at our official YouTube Channel.

Though human hair may get frizzy at some point in time, a good washing plus a thorough treatment such as keratin may help alleviate the dryness. Good thing that Lynelle Hair offers maintenance service for Lynelle Hair products.

Love to avail that service? Visit our physical boutiques or contact us.


NOTICE: This burn test does not necessarily mean you need to sacrifice your hair investment. You just need to trim away a very little portion or a few strands of your hair piece just enough to see how it would react with flame. One quick tip is to get hair from the least visible part of the hair piece, say the hair near the nape area if you're testing our your wig. Please take note that this is only one of the five ways to check if you have a 100% human hair wig. It is not required to do so and it depends on your discretion if you'd like to proceed.

Cut away a few strands of hair from the hair piece in the least visible part and burn it. Genuine human hair strands would actually get burnt and turn into ashes - a powdery residue after burning a carbon-based material.

Synthetic hair would melt even before they get burned, the strands stick to one another and can form one bigger mass.

Please take note that the last test is not required and there a lot more ways to verify if you bought a human hair product. Always take precaution in doing the burn test if you chose to do so, and Lynelle Hair is not liable for any kind of damage.


There may be more ways to check authenticity of a human hair item, but we've rounded up the easiest ways to verify them. Whether you'd love to use a human hair or a synthetic product would always be up to you. One thing is for sure - we'd all love to have a beautiful hair that we're confident with.


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