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Maintenance guide and tips when wearing Micro Ring Hair Extensions

You've recently installed Micro-Ring Hair Extensions to get a longer hair, so you ask yourself what's next? We love it when you enjoy your new hairstyle, but we also think you'd love them more for a longer time when properly taken care of.

We have rounded up the tips and the step-by-step maintenance guide to help you keep your semi-permanent hair extensions in their best shape.

Regular Combing

Comb your hair often to keep it free from tangles. Use a wide tooth comb and start to detangle at the ends, working your way up.

Regular Washing

Detangle your hair before washing. Wash your hair daily with mild shampoo and conditioner. Before proceeding with applying shampoo, wet your hair with water and finger-comb it vertically to thoroughly wet the hair. Apply your shampoo in the same manner, lather, and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid lathering hair in horizontal manner as it may cause tangles. Apply conditioner on your hair, avoiding the roots, and rinse it thoroughly.


Hair extensions needs hair treatments just like our own hair. Give your hair a mild treatment like keratin conditioner at least twice a month. You need to maintain your hair healthy and moisturized to keep them 

Sleeping with hair extensions

Tie your hair in a loose ponytail or low bun to prevent hair from getting pulled and tangled. Though this may cause a bit of waves on your hair, it can help your hair avoid damage. Another option for keeping your hair free from tangles is using a shower cap or hair wrap.

Regular Retouch

We've mentioned at our previous article that micro ring semi-permanent hair extensions need regular retouch to keep them properly attached to your hair for a longer time. Just keep in mind to have your retouch done by a professional as we all know that improper attachment may lead to hair breakage.

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