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Are Keira Hair Extensions made of human hair?

No beating around the bush, we'll proudly answer that right away: Yes, Keira Hair Extensions is made with 100% genuine human hair. And by that, we mean that it is made of real hair, just like our own. Although some hair extensions offered in the market can be made with a different material like synthetic fiber, lots of women still prefer using the human hair extensions. When comparing human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions, there is an important difference when it comes to the quality, lifespan, resilience, and lots of other attributes.

Lynelle Hair would like to offer the best quality products to the market, and that can be achieved by using quality materials to produce the hair pieces. We understand that a human hair product is one of the most important products that a woman would invest at.


We have rounded up a few of the most loved features of Keira Hair Extensions:

You can style and restyle Keira Hair Extensions.

If one could be looking for a product, be it clothes, bags, or shoes, versatility would always come first. Who would want to invest in something that could only be used once, right? Feel free to iron, and curl your own set of hair extensions.

Keira Hair Extensions looks, and feels like our own hair.

Because Lynelle Hair's hair extensions is made with real hair, it looks very natural that nobody would notice you are wearing one. Plus, they are very easy to blend, it's hard to discern which is your hair and which is the hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions behaves just like our own hair.

We know what to expect with hair extensions when we work with them because they are made with the same material like our own hair.

Thinking of having your own set of clip on hair extensions? Consider Keira Hair Extensions!

Head to the shop tab to buy your own set of quality hair extensions.

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