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4 Ways to Use Keira Hair Extensions

With the latest happenings in the fashion, beauty, make-up, and hair styling industry, the use of hair extensions has now been a staple to almost everyone. From the models, to celebrities and endorsers, or even to our beautiful debutantes and blooming brides, hair extensions always makes it better not only for hair styling, but also for the overall style.

While hair extensions has already become one of the crowd's fave, there are still a lot of questions and misconceptions about this wonder. One of them includes its ability to be restyled, or even its flexibility in terms of its usage.

With that, we have come up with 4 different ways to use Keira Hair Extensions.

The most basic yet the most preferred way to use Keira Hair Extension is through this seamless blend. It can give you the most natural effect for your hair whether you wish to have a longer hair and/or more volume. To get this look, you have to get the color of hair extensions that matches most with your hair. How many pieces of hair extensions would depend on your hair's thickness. One full head set would usually be enough, but thick haired gals might need one and a half up to two full head sets.

Who wouldn't want highlights with zero percent damage? You now can, with Keira Hair Extensions. To get this look, simply choose hair color that are at least 1 or 2 shades lighter that your own hair color. You can choose from 2-clip or 3-clip hair extensions.

Layered hair has already been around for a while, but can you imagine getting a layered hair without cutting it? You can now get it with hair extensions, that is!

To get this look, you can mix the three lengths of Keira Hair Extensions -12 inches shoulder length, 16 inches bra length, and 22 inches waist length. It easily blends with your hair, no matter what the length is.

This trend is truly meant to stay, as the ombre hair color gets a number of variations, aside from the classic ombre style.

You can achieve this hairstyle too using our Keira Hair Extensions. Simply choose a hair color you'd love to make an ombre with, and select our longest length of hair extensions: 22 inches waist length. Clip them on, and they're good to go! One full head set is the minimum for this style, and you can always add more depending on your current hair length and thickness.


While we've provided only 4 styles, those are just some of the basic ways of using hair extensions. In fact, it is made with 100% human hair and can be restyled into any hairstyle you prefer. As they say, sky is the limit!

Still having second thoughts? You can always contact Lynelle Hair for a FREE consultation!

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