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JUST IN: Remy Collection by Lynelle Hair

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Remy Hair Collection, Keira Hair Extensions
Remy Collection by Lynelle Hair

Grab Lynelle Hair Fashion's latest addition to your hair faves: the Remy Collection!

What makes Remy Collection different?

Remy Collection is made with 100% Remy Hair, the finest quality of hair ever available.

Remy hair is the best of its kind because the cuticles or the direction of hair growth is still intact.

With the Remy Hair, the extensions made are smoother, softer, shiner. This makes the hair less likely to get tangled compared to its non-Remy counterparts.

What's to love with the Remy Collection?

Remy Collection comes in NEW colors that you will surely love!

It is available in Medium Brown, Toffee, Strawberry Blonde, Dark Brown, and Vanilla Blonde shades!

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