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What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is known as the finest quality of hair available for use in wigs and hair extensions. And we know that the better the materials that you use, the better the product we could produce.

But what really makes Remy Hair a Remy?

Remy Hair is the hair that has its cuticles kept intact when it was gathered. This means that the hair flows into one direction, following the natural growth of hair.

Imagine that our hair has scale-like structure all over. Those structures makes the cuticles of our hair. Although we don't see it through our naked eye, it's evident on enlarged images of hair. This grows in one direction, or else the hair easily gets tangled.

What makes Remy Hair different?

Remy is smoother, shinier, and appears healthier compared with the non-Remy hair types. And because it is less prone to tangles, it sheds less when you comb it and therefore lasts longer.

If all the cuticles (or scale-like stucture) are aligned in one direction, that reduces the friction among the hair strands, thereby making them smoother compared with the non-Remy Hair types.

The less friction and stress there is on the hair, the more it could last you longer, which could also mean more value for the product!

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