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How much do hair extensions cost?

This is the number one question that usually pops out for those who’d want to learn more about extensions.

These days there are many types of hair extensions. There are different lengths, weights, colors and manner on how they are attached. Today we will focus on Human Hair Extensions. Let me give you a rundown on the different types and the price range that they usually retail at.

The most wildly used and easy to attach are CLIP-ON EXTENSIONS. This types retail from P 6,000 upwards to P12,000. This goes for mid-back length hair, the general rule the longer hair the pricier it gets because it’s harder to source long human hair. You will see a significant jump in price ones the hair is longer than 20 Inches. Other criteria that get the price higher are the quality of hair, and color. Caucasian hair, natural blondes and ginger toned hair are harder to source than brown toned hair so that also causes the prices of lighter shades to go up.

The next type of hair extension is STICK HAIR EXTENSIONS. This type of extension is semi-permanent, it is installed by a professional and with proper care can last up to 2 months. Semi permanent type of extensions needs to be regularly retouched and serviced by a salon, resulting to a higher maintenance cost. Stick Hair also known as Micro Ring Extensions retails from P15,000 upwards to 30,000. Similar to clip-ons there are also a variety of options to consider, the length, color, volume of hair to be placed and the quality of hair.

The last type that we will discuss is TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS. Tape Hair Extensions are the priciest among the 3. It provides comfort and is the most seamless. The greatest consideration to put in mind is the brand and salon you will be having it attached at. Tape in uses adhesive tape to attach to your hair, it is more prone to tugging in the removal so be sure to find a trusted professional to do it. Prices start from P20,000 to 40,000, the thicker and longer the hair the higher the price will be.

Keira’s 100% Human Hair Extensions are clip-on types and retails at a very affordable price of P2,700 to 8,000. Lynelle Hair is always on the look out for better ways to source and maintain top quality hair products without the hefty price tag. You may shop hair extensions at

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