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  • Pia Davis

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Women sometimes fear that the use of hair extensions can damage their real hair. Lynelle Hair has more than a decade of experience in hair and we can definitely shine some light in this frequently asked question.

The great answer is that it (again) depends. It mainly depends on the manner that the hair is adhered and removed from your natural hair. This is why it’s highly advised that you seek professional services when you want to purchase your hair extensions. Yes the branded ones can get expensive but nothing is more expensive than preserving your natural locks.

Now where does the damage come in? It can be from the excessive pulling on your hair. The roots can be stressed and your actual strands can be pulled out of your scalp. Thicker and heavier grams are not always the best option. Imagine putting 200grams of stress to your scalp, if the weight is not properly distributed it can pull your real hair and cause stress that can significantly affect hair growth in that area. The longer the hair the heavier it will be, and some girls can carry the weight while some cannot. Remember these considerations when buying your extensions.

Another cause of damage is the lack of proper hair and scalp care. Take time to read up on our other post to see how to best maintain your locks. After a whole day of wearing hair extensions take time to massage your scalp in small circular motions, it will stimulate blood circulation and relax the roots that worked all day for you too look extra beautiful.</