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Introducing the #LynelleHair Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig – your ultimate ticket to effortlessly transforming your look into a masterpiece. Whether you're seeking a chic everyday appearance or aiming to dazzle on special occasions, this wig is your versatile companion, elevating your style with ease.


Premium Grade Japanese Fibers: We understand that you deserve the best, and that's why we've crafted this wig with premium grade Japanese fibers. Unlike low-end plastic-looking wigs, our Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig exudes a natural shine and texture that's simply unmatched. Say goodbye to dull and artificial appearances and embrace the lustrous quality of Japanese fibers.


Longer Usage Life: Investing in beauty should offer long-term benefits. With proper care and handling, this wig is designed to last, providing you with up to 3-6 months of daily use. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your wig will stand the test of time, looking fabulous every day.


Memory Hair Technology: Ever wish your wig would retain its texture despite repetitive wear? Our Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig features innovative Memory Hair Technology. You can flaunt your favorite styles over and over again, and the wig's texture will remain consistent, ensuring you always look your best.


Color Lock: Worried about color bleeding when washing your wig? Fear not! Our wigs are crafted with Color Lock technology, securing the color within each strand. You can confidently wash and maintain your wig without the risk of fading or color loss.


Adjustable Straps: Comfort is key. Our wig is equipped with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit to perfection. Whether you prefer a snug or looser fit, you can easily adjust the cap up to half an inch for your utmost comfort.


Maintenance Made Easy: Each Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig comes packaged in a box complete with a maintenance guide. We want to ensure that your wig stays in top shape for as long as possible. With our simple maintenance tips, you'll be able to enjoy your wig's stunning appearance for an extended period.


Elevate your style, express your uniqueness, and redefine your look effortlessly with the #LynelleHair Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig. It's not just a wig; it's a statement of confidence and versatility. Invest in your beauty and experience the difference with Lynelle.

Lady Gaga Synthetic Wig

₱1,500.00 Regular Price
₱1,200.00Sale Price
Color Available: 613-Platinum Blonde
  • Wash Synthetic wigs twice a week at most, with mild shampoo and conditioner. Hang it to dry, and allow it to completely dry before combing or styling.

    Always check first if the synthetic wig is high-heat or heat friendly before styling with iron or curler. Maximum heat for high-heat wigs is 180 degrees. Anything more than that may  damage the wig.

    Keep in mind that frequent styling of synthetic wigs may affect its shape/condition.

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