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Our Choco Vanilla Swirl Keira Clip on Human Hair are highlights. The colors are blended vertically but their beauty is in the randomness of its stripes. Each piece is unevenly and not uniformly striped for a more carefree look that blends with your hair naturally. Inspired from yummy choco vanilla swirl icecream we enjoy.


The 16 inches 3-clip hair extensions are perfect for women who desire added volume and a seamless blend on bra length hair.


It is also best as add-ons to a full head set, or as instant highlights and lowlights to add color to your hair. The 3-clip hair extensions are best used at the back of our heads, placed at the same height of our ears.



One piece of 3-clip hair extensions


16 inches – bra length


6 inches width with buildable thickness



Can Be Used For



Getting more volume


Getting longer hair – From short hair to bra length hair

*We recommend getting a Full Head Set for achieving longer looking hair


Get a touch of color - ombre, low lights, or highlights



It is an individual piece of Keira Hair Extensions with 6 inches width, and is attached using 3 pieces of clips. It is usually used on the back of the head due to its wide coverage. Few pieces of the 3-clip hair extensions can already give your desired hair volume. Or it can also work as highlights so you will no longer need to color your hair. 


Product Possibilities:

  • Heat Resistant
  • Can be colored
  • Can be styled



You can use a leave- in conditioner, serum for shine and softness, heat protectant products, repair serums and the like.


Do not spray cologne and perfume directly on hair extensions to prevent tangling.

Only use a wide tooth comb. A comb with round stainless metal teeth especially the rotating ones are great to smoothen and detangle hair strands.


Use a hair extension brush with special soft rounded bristles that glide smoothly on each strand from roots to tips! 


Some hair extensions that are wavy when wet if it their natural state. Simply finger -comb after drying for soft and sexy wavy hair, iron or blow dry for straight sleek look or curl them.


You can use blowdryer,curling and straightening iron, heated rollers, non-velcro regular rollers to achieve different hairstyles! For permanent styles, you can have hair relaxing, cellophane, straightening, or perming treatments at our authorized dealer salons.



Keira Human Hair Extensions Bra Length 3-Clip 16 inches W6-CHOCO VANILLA SWIRL

    • ( 1 pc. ) 3 Clips 
    Keira Item L x W ( in inches ) Weight ( in grams)
    3 Clips 16" x 6"  17g
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