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Introducing John 100% Human Hair Clip on Toupee, the perfect hair solution for those seeking to add volume or cover problem areas with ease. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this unisex hair piece is designed to provide a natural and seamless look.


It features a convenient clip-on design, allowing for easy attachment and removal. Whether you desire to add volume to your existing hair or conceal a bald spot or thinning area, this toupee offers versatility and confidence in every wear.



DIMENSION  = 8cm x 12cm

LENGTH        = 20cm


Each toupee is made from 100% high-quality human hair, ensuring a realistic appearance and a soft, luxurious feel.


The name "toupee" has its origins in the French word "tuft," which refers to the top or highest point. Originally used as fashionable items and a part of theatrical attire, toupees have evolved to become an essential hair solution for individuals facing hair loss or thinning hair.


Whether you're attending a special event, going about your daily activities, or simply looking to enhance your overall appearance, John 100% Human Hair Clip on Toupee offers a discreet and comfortable solution. Experience the confidence and natural-looking results that come with our top-of-the-line toupee, designed to meet your specific needs.


Don't let thinning hair or a bald spot hold you back any longer. Choose John 100% Human Hair Clip on Toupee and discover a world of limitless possibilities for your hair. Embrace a new level of style and self-assurance with this premium toupee that delivers exceptional quality, durability, and undeniable elegance.

John Clip On Human Hair Toupee

Colors Available
  • Always check the color and style of the toupee that you wish, before adding to cart.

    We have 7 days replacement for defective and/or damaged hair piece.

    As a protection to the merchants, the government allows to NOT ACCEPT any return, exchange, or refund of product/item due to "Customer Change of Mind"

    Customer Change of Mind simply means that the customer changed it mind about liking the item, it's color, or style, whilst the product itself has no issues, damages, and/or defect.

  • Wash the hair piece twice a week at most, with shampoo and conditioner. Hang it to dry, and allow it to completely dry before styling.

    Always use heat protectant spray before using iron and curler. Always wash within the day after applying wax, gels, or pomades.

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