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Wigs COMPLETE the costume

It's the Halloween season, and it's also the season of parties, trick or treats, and wearing costumes for our peg Halloween characters.

While it is up you to decide how to show or portray your own character, for us, we think that a wig CAN complete your character.

There is a reason why most cosplayers use a wig.

Some people are lucky to sport a hairstyle similar to the characters they wish to portray. Using your natural hair can be pretty easy and handy. So why bother, right?

Well, we've listed a few reasons to support our idea of using a wig:

1. Most iconic characters are fantasy-inspired

Many iconic characters, if not all, are fantasy inspired, and most are very hard to achieve with your own regular hair. And if the character calls for an out-of-the-space hairstyle, how high is the chance that we can cop the look with just our own hair?

2. You want to WIN the costume contest (if you are joining one)

The bolder the style, the better. The closer you are to the Halloween character's looks, the higher the chance of winning. Who knows, you might be the Best in Costume this year!

3. Buying a wig is more practical than coloring your hair

Aside from the cost of coloring versus the price of the wig, coloring hair (especially if you have it dyed) is much more expensive AND tedious in maintenance. Plus, you can experiment and go all-out on styling the wig, rather than hold back and worry about the damages your real hair is about to get.

4. Synthetic wigs CAN be restyled

Most people thought that a synthetic wig is supposed to look that way forever. Well, it usually depends on the style, but most synthetic wigs can be restyled. That means it can be repurposed into another character with a similar, or even a different hairstyle, depending on how creative you can get.

Halloween happens once a year, so why not have more fun and indulge in your chosen character?

Though it is your call to wear a wig, what are your thoughts about wearing one?



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