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Do hair extensions stop hair growth?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Clip on hair extensions, such as Keira Hair Extensions are well-known safe to use everyday.

And yes, we use hair extensions to get longer, and more hair volume. But that doesn't mean we don't want our own natural hair to grow, right?

Read on to know the whether clip on hair extensions can stop hair growth or not.

1. Clip on hair extensions are NOT attached on the scalp

This one's very obvious but very important to note. Since clip ons are "clipped" to the hair near the roots, hair extensions do not block the scalp, thereby allowing hair to grow freely.

2. You can decide the quantity of hair extensions you would like to use.

Because clip on hair extensions, like Keira Hair Extensions, are available in different lengths and sets, you can decide how much hair you would like to put on. This can help you avoid the unnecessary tugging of hair on your scalp.

3. You can attach and remove clip on hair extensions anytime you want.

Just like how we use head bands, hair clips, and other hair accessories, we hold the decision when you will remove your clip on hair extensions. Keira Hair Extensions works in the same way. Plus it makes clip on hair extensions easy and very helpful for a quick change on your looks.


With the list above, it's pretty safe to assume that clip on hair extensions are safe to use and do not stop hair growth. As long as clip on hair extensions are properly used, there's no need to worry at all.

Would you love to learn how to properly attach clip on Keira Hair Extensions?

Check out our YouTube tutorial to see how it's easily and quickly done.

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