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Glam up in seconds!
Item Code: 0379


Attach and remove in seconds with one easy step! It comes with 4 clips with firm grips for secure attachment.


Materials: Made with high quality 100% Japanese Kanekalon fiber


They look like human hair and feel soft with “memory hair” which means their curls or straightness stay even after washing.

The style stays the same with proper care and gentle handling.
It may change if the wearer overuses the hair fibers, does much combing, stretching or spraying.


Each item comes with a Maintenance Guide so your extensions are maintained.

You can also attach Lynelle One-Piece Clip-on Synthetic Extensions to your own hair for fuller hair down, style into a ponytail, half-ponytail or gently up style. 

Want more choices? We’ve got them in other styles, lengths and attachments like clamped ponytail extensions.


You cannot use heated styling products, blow dryers, heated rollers, curling and straightening irons which can permanently damage, melt or frizz the fibers of the wigs. They are not designed for any permanent wave, straightening or color changes!

Wavy One Piece Synthetic Hair Extensions 0379-4-5CLP

SKU: 0379-4-5CLP
Color: 4-Medium Brown
  • Wash Synthetic wigs twice a week at most, with mild shampoo and conditioner. Hang it to dry, and allow it to completely dry before combing or styling.

    Always check first if the synthetic wig is high-heat or heat friendly before styling with iron or curler. Maximum heat for high-heat wigs is 180 degrees. Anything more than that may damage the wig.

    Keep in mind that frequent styling of synthetic wigs may affect its shape/condition.

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