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5 benefits of Olive Oil on hair

  1. It makes a great daily moisturizer. Dry hair happens to the best of us. Just a few small spritzes of Olive Oil Spray daily clears all of that up, and since it comes in a spray can, it's a quick and easy way to add moisture.
  2. Use it to help clear up dry, itchy scalp. Just as it moisturizes hair, Olive Oil Spray also works great on the scalp because it's not heavy. It's a must-have for those with protective styles, such as braids or twists; spray directly onto the scalp and massage it right in.
  3. It adds amazing shine. When hair starts to look dull or flat, just a few spritzes will immediately add high shine, minus the greasy look and feel of some other shine sprays.
  4. It makes braiding easier. When it comes to creating braided looks like boxer braids or micro braids, just a few spritzes of this spray can help to create the right mix of lightweight shine and moisture, making it easier for fingers to style the hair.
  5. For those who have curly hair, this spray is a savior. It not only adds in moisture but also keeps curls manageable so you don't have to worry about knots or tangles building up.

Olive Hair Spay Organic Moisturizer

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