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Monofilament refers to the type of material that hair strands are sewn onto. Unlike a cloth material which can be itchy to those with sensitive scalps, monofilament material is a thin gauze-like, nearly transparent material which is much more comfortable to the touch. Hair strands are attached by hand-knotting them to this material, one strand at a time, hence the term "mono-filament".

This allows the strands to swivel freely on base and so the monofilament wig is more easily styled. This weaving technique also creates ventilation. Your monofilament wig will breathe while worn, and this prevents heat and moisture buildup.

Aubrey Short Monofilament Human Hair SW2012k

SKU: SW2012K
Color Available
  • -Made of 100% Human Hair

    -Can be styled and cut to match your preference

    -Can be colored to a darker shade ( except for black hair )

    -Breathable wig skull

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