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What is Toupee?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019


A toupee is a hair piece that is used to cover the top part of a person’s head. Also known as “hair topper”, it can be used to give volume or cover a problem area, like thinning hair or a bald spot.

It originated from the French word “tuft” meaning top or highest point. They first called toupee a “tuft of hair or forelock.” It was originally used as fashionable items, or as a part of their theatrical attire.

Today, it can also be used to amp your fashion, but mostly used as a hair solution for people with thinning hair problems.


Most people thought that a toupee is only for men, but this hair piece is actually a unisex item.

Men mostly use toupee to cover a bald spot, while women use these hairpieces to lengthen their existing hair, or add volume to the top part of their head.

Toupees from Lynelle Hair come in different lengths, styles and colours that people can choose from, in order to match their existing hairstyle.


Both wigs and toupees are hair pieces designed to either change or improve one’s hairstyle or hair condition. They differ in the way that they cover a person’s head

A wig basically covers the entire head area, including the bald spot (if there is any) and the existing hair. It is big on size and has a rounded form to take the shape of our head. On the other hand, the toupee covers a partial area, only where the wearer needs some coverage, usually at the top of the head. It is small in size, has a flat shape, and able to blend with one’s existing hair.

Would you love to know available toupees from Lynelle Hair?

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