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Lynelle wigs are designed for multiple use. Get more than what you pay for as you can use this wigs to achieve different looks and styles depending on your need for that occasion.

Special Features

  • Premium Grade Japanese Fibers  -  this will last longer than other low end plastic looking wigs.
  • Longer usage life - For everyday use (incase you ever wanted to) the wigs can last upto 3 - 6 months with proper care and handling
  • Memory Hair Technology - texture of the wig remains the same despite repetitive use
  • Color Lock - You may wash your wigs and fear not of color bleeding. Colors are locked in each strand which makes it safe for washing.
  • Adjustable Straps -  Allows you to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch.

Each wig comes with a box with maintenance guide to ensure you can keep your wigs in top shape for the longest possible time.

Rockstar F888 Synthetic Wig

Color Available: Rainbow
  • Wash Synthetic wigs twice a week at most, with mild shampoo and conditioner. Hang it to dry, and allow it to completely dry before combing or styling.

    Always check first if the synthetic wig is high-heat or heat friendly before styling with iron or curler. Maximum heat for high-heat wigs is 180 degrees. Anything more than that may  damage the wig.

    Keep in mind that frequent styling of synthetic wigs may affect its shape/condition.

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